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Event Recap:
Women's Health Summit 2023

June 30th, 2023
Elevate Team


We had so much fun last weekend at this years Women’s Health Summit. 

thanks to our speakers 

This year we planned 6 speaker sessions total on a variety of topics related to health and wellness in all stages of life!

Is Stress Affecting Your Gut Health? ⎮ Kaitlyn Seguin, RDN

Peri-Menopause Prep 101 ⎮ Amanda Ricker, FNP

Crush the Cramps: A Guide to Painless Periods ⎮ Airlie W.

Why Am I Tired? Root Causes ⎮ Dr. Amy Hawkins, ND

The Not-So-Secret Answer to Improving Your Every Day ⎮

Dr. Nicole, DC

Say Goodbye to Leakage & Painful Sex ⎮ Dr. Amy, DPT


thanks to our vendors

A variety of over 15 vendors set up in our space

Pelvic Prescription Physical Therapy and Wellness, Women in Strength, Family Nutrition Solutions, Azalea Chiro and Acupuncture, Upper Health, Nurture Wellness, Welch Scar Therapy, Greatest Potential Chiro, Movement Muscle Therapy, My Period Pal, Women’s Wellness for Life, 4th Trimester Mission,  The Woman’s Place, Stay Cozy Wellness, Prana Salt Cave,  Dr. Amy Hawkins, Longwave Yoga, Made Well Center For Wholeness, Just Wellness Nurse Coaching, PLLC, Jeni offering Chair Massages, and Evergreen Wellness Insights & Body Scans

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