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elevate your work


Shared Office Space & Coworking for women in Wilmington, NC

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When WFH isn't working anymore

We get it. Work from home comes with it’s fair share of distractions.

And let’s be honest, camping out in the corner of Panera for 4 hours is getting a little lonely. 

After the last couple of years, we deserve some separation between home and work again, right? 

What we Offer

Bring your laptop, snag some hot coffee (that hasn’t been reheated 4 times)  and grab a seat in a productive workspace that isn’t your kitchen table


A space to call your own with easy month-to-month or yearly lease options.

Message about our shared office options! 

Monthly events to dig deep and learn how to grow your business! We’ll bring in experts on different topics and get answers to your burning biz questions

Like “just how important is an email marketing strategy”?! Um Very!

From Mini Sessions to Product Shots to New Headshots, shoot it here!

Batch create content in our natural light studio. Available to book in half-day or full-day 

Share your office with a community of others who just *get it* and encourage you to grow in life and business!

Elevate was designed for women

because the rest of the world was designed for men.​


We set out to create a place where women could show up exactly as they are, feel comfortable &  supported by their local community, and reconnect with their passion and purpose.

Whatever role you’re playing on any given day you happen to walk through our doors, know we’ve got you.

And we’re cheering for you.

come as you are

come as you are

get ready to...

elevate your work

From the feminine, boho vibes I like to describe as World Market meets your local coffee shop,

to the temperature set at a comfortable 74 degrees,

and the tampons stocked in the bathroom

(to name just a few perks),

we’ve thought of everything you need so you don’t have to.


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