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Meet the Team @ Elevate Coworking

Aug15th, 2023
Elevate Team

Hi friends!

This summer has been nothing like I planned and there’s NO WAY we would be here without the help of these fabulous ladies at Elevate and keep things running (like bubble waters and cold brew stocked)

I wanted to take a minute to take a minute and share more about the team working to grow our community. 


Meet the Team- Maggie  Blackham 

For those of you who I haven’t gotten to meet just yet, I’m Maggie! Creative entrepreneur, mom of 2 young boys, and founder of Elevate.This space has been a dream of mine for years where women can gather and connect with others who are going through similar things like growing a business while growing a family.

When I’m not thinking of a new creative addition to Elevate, I’m mostly likely sipping on some iced chai & mid-read on a some fun fantasy romance. 


Meet the Team- Stacy  Q

Stacy has been helping since I went and had my babe (happy 6 months!). She’s done a little of everything but most recently has completed a course specializing in Digital Ads and getting ready to offer coaching + services later this year. She’s been such an encouragement to me in trying to figure out how to manage a coworking space. Stacy is such a problem solver and always up for a brainstorm sesh! Seriously. Just ask to bounce ideas around!

When she’s not at Elevate, she’s most likely chasing after grandbabies or eating at a local mexican food restaurant. 


Meet  the Team- Atiya Bloom-

Atiya joined as our community manager in June and is on-site most every day of the week! She’s got a background in Marketing, is the creator of SaySoSoul affirmation cards, and soon to be graduate from Nutrition School. She’s planned out some amazing events (a color-coded spreadsheet y’all!) until the end of the year and has allowed me to focus on some big-picture todos. Atiya’s calm personality and friendly smile is the perfect welcome when you come through the door.

When she’s not at Elevate, she’s most likely doing yoga or planning her wedding happening next summer!


and Introducing …..Member Spotlights

 Lastly that bring me to YOU!! 😜😜 Next month we’re starting Member Spotlights on our socials and website to highlight some of the fun, creative, smart and inspiring women we have as part of our community! Members can sign up to be featured he

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