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Office Solutions & Why Flexible Leasing is Best for Small Businesses

Today on the blog, nerd out with me, we’re doing a deep dive into the financial perks of flexible leasing aka leasing an office within a coworking space to save you more! (spoiler: it can!) I decided to break it down into 3 main points to keep it simple and sweet.

1. Cost Efficiency & All-Inclusive Amenities:
To start us off, let’s approach what we’re all thinking about. COST!

Just like a house, there are lots of little sneaky expenses that add up. So to streamline costs, an all-included price could help you save and better budget for your business.

Most coworking space lease options include all-inclusive amenities. From high-speed internet to snacks to janitorial services are taken care of and one (or several) less things for you to think about.

The main items that are included in our coworking memberships are:
– Fast Internet
– Secure entry and front desk staff
– Utilities like electricity, and water within the space as well as common areas
-Snacks and coffee and water, we keep it stocked for you so you don’t have to hassle with it
– Desk and chair are already set up and built for you to use.

Check out the table below to see a side-by-side comparison.

Office Solutions & Why Flexible Leasing is Best for Small Businesses
*numbers based on commercial real estate averages of 2023, similar size and condition of office space*

2. Flexibility for Growth:

Within a coworking space we may have offices/spaces/rooms of varying sizes that can accommodate wherever you’re at in your business trajectory.

Two of our office members have been able to move within our space within a year! Almost unheard of with traditional leasing when 1-3 year contracts are the norm. The flex lease lets small start-ups and businesses grow as they grow.

Nancy with Stay Cozy Wellness moved to a bigger space to spread out more retail options for her clients. Diane with The Women’s Place was able to combine her consulting for new moms and a boutique of children’s clothes into one space.

3. Connections Beyond Boundaries:

Last but not least: the Networking opportunities! Coworking spaces foster a collaborative community, opening doors to connections and unexpected collaborations.

How often have you worked from home with only your dog to keep you company? Or maybe it works for most of the time but you’re ready for a hybrid situation to get you out of the house.
The best part about being in shared spaces is the option to socialize as much or as little as you want.

Here at Elevate, we welcome you to come as you are. We understand that personal and professional collide and we aim to support you with both. Say hi to someone new next time you’re grabbing a coffee or eat lunch with a friend in our kitchen.

In Conclusion: Between the cost efficiency (I could stop there), the opportunity for growth and, social interactions, a coworking space can be an awesome space to break out the loneliness that comes from working from home or renting an office space solo.

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