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Top 3 Reasons Photographers are Booking a Photo Studio

Today on the blog we delve into the top reasons we see local Wilmington photographers using our natural light photo studio: unpredictable outdoor weather and controlled environment, overcoming creative slumps, and the convenience of a single set-up.

Controlled Environment-

No more canceled sessions from Weather.

While Wilmington boasts beautiful weather for the majority of the year, the unfortunate reality is that outdoor sessions are all too frequently thwarted by unpredictable weather conditions. Planning the use of a photo studio can make sure your session continues despite the unpredictability of outdoor conditions. Rain or shine, you can ensure that your photography journey continues seamlessly without another canceled session.

Plus the simplicity of continuous lighting and backdrop makes for easier editing in post-production!

Creative Experimentation-

Revive Your Photography Mojo!

Ever have a creative slump?? Stepping into a new space could spark inspiration, allowing photographers to try different techniques. In the studio, it’s not just about snapping pictures; it’s about entering a space of wild experiments and creative chaos. Here, photographers can throw conventional rules out the window and try out different techniques and compositions like never before.

Our studio keeps several seamless backdrops on hand for use as well as plenty of room to bring in furniture, and decor to create your very own set, all in front of gentle natural sunlight. Need a blank space? All you have to do is show up and start shooting.

Maybe you’re a family photographer but want to experiment with product photography or a wedding photographer wanting to shoot more fashion and editorial. Host your own workshop or even collaborate with other local photographers. We can’t wait to see what magic you can create here.

Efficiency a Photo Studio Brings-

Perfect for Back-to-Back Sessions!

For photographers juggling a day packed with mini-sessions, let me tell you, the efficiency of a photo studio is nothing short of a game-changer! At our cozy studio, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting everything from heartwarming maternity sessions to vibrant branding shoots and engaging workshops.

Picture this: a photographer’s dream scenario, where they can seamlessly move from one mini-session to another, all within our space with resources and amenities close by. It’s like having a one-stop-shop for creativity, where clients flow in, and sessions are captured, all in the comfort of a single, versatile space.

What photographers are saying:

“Booked the photography studio at Elevate for a maternity session, and I was more than happy with the space. The lighting was perfect around 11am, beaming evenly through the large windows.

Scheduling was very easy, and access into the building was simple… I love that this studio is a new option for my clients, especially with the unpredictable Wilmington weather.
I look forward to more sessions at Elevate in their photo studio!”

Book your session today!

Ready to reserve your session? Click the link below to see upcoming availability, book and pay all at once. Our calendar is open 90 days out, so snag your day today. Send us an email with any more questions-

Photo Studio at Elevate Coworking

Located just inside Elevate Coworking Space is a naturally lit 150 sqft Photo Studio. With huge windows, our bright space is the perfect backdrop for your next shoot. Every rental includes private use of space and seamless backdrops for use. Affordable hourly and day rates- Easily book here

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